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Recurrent idiopathic acute hepatitis-associated aplastic anemia/pancytopenia fourteen years after initial episode

Nawal Al Nahdi, Holly Wiesinger, Heather Sutherland, Eric M. Yoshida


Aplastic anemia following viral hepatitis is a condition well recognized in the medical literature. Although hepatitis-associated aplastic anemia is an uncommon syndrome, there are several reports in the literature describing such cases. In these reports, aplastic anemia generally occurs following a viral infection, including parvovirus B19, but may also be idiopathic. The etiology of both the hepatic injury and the bone marrow failure is speculated to be immune-mediated. We report a patient who suffered acute idiopathic hepatitis and severe pancytopenia fourteen years after a similar episode in childhood. This is only the second case report of acute hepatitis in association with bone marrow failure and aplastic anemia in childhood with sudden recurrence many years later in adulthood.

Key words. Acute hepatitis, Aplastic anemia, Pancytopenia, Recurrent

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