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Non-neoplastic Portal Vein Thrombosis in HCV Cirrhosis Patients: Is it an Immuno-Inflammatory Disorder?

Mona A. Abu El- Makarem, Atef F. El-Akad, Moustafa M. Elian, Tahra M. Sherif, Ragaa A. El-shaheed, Aliaa S. Abd EL Fatah, Douaa M. Sayed, Rania M. Bakry, Aisha M. Mahmoud


Background and aims. Portal vein thrombosis (PVT) is a critical complication in cirrhotic patients. We explored the role of the activated factor VII-antithrombin (FVIIa-AT) complex and enhanced monocytic tissue factor (TF) expression in the development and prediction of non-neoplastic PVT in cirrhotic patients. Material and methods. A total of 30 HCV-cirrhosis patients were included in our study. They were compared to 35 cirrhotic patients without PVT, 15 non-cirrhotic patients with PVT, and 15 healthy controls. The plasma level of the FVIIa-AT complexes was analyzed by ELISA. MIF CD142, CD86, and HLA-DR on monocytes (CD14) were determined by flow cytometry. Results. Compared with cirrhotic patients without PVT, cirrhotic patients with PVT had comparable plasma values of FVIIa, AT, and the FVIIa-AT complex. However, they had significantly lower values compared to non-cirrhotic patients with PVT and healthy controls. Cirrhotic patients with PVT had increased monocytic TF expression (MIF CD142) compared to non-PVT cirrhotic patients and healthy controls [86.5 (93.5) vs. 18 (32.0) and 11.0 (6.0), respectively; p < 0.001 for each]. However, cirrhosis PVT could not be distinguished from non-cirrhosis PVT. The area under the ROC curve of MIF CD142 was 0.759 (0.641- 0.876; p = 0.000) at an optimal cut-off value of 45, which yielded a sensitivity of 60% and a specificity of 77.1%, as well as a PPV and NPV of 69.2% for each. Conclusion. Enhanced expression of monocytic TF may have a role in the development and prediction of non-neoplastic PVT in HCV-cirrhosis patients. Large multicenter studies are necessary to validate our results.

Key words. Portal hypertension., Tissue factor., Flow cytometry.

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